Working Groups and Individuals

As far as possible, we encourage everyday, practical decisions to be made by individuals (i.e. staff, coordinators or volunteers) or working groups in person or via email lists, using the advice principle (i.e. any person can make any decision after seeking advice from 1) everyone who will be meaningfully affected, and 2) people with expertise in the matter). This process requires everyone to understand the purpose and values of our co-operative so that they make decisions in line with those. This approach allows for agility in decision-making, avoiding too many meetings and too much bureaucracy

Individual programmes and trading arms service are encouraged to implement new ideas autonomously on the basis of our ‘advice principle’. Individual programmes and trading services are also responsible for financial management of the programme or service, delivery of that service, improvements to that service, welfare of volunteers / staff performing the service.

When decisions cannot be made autonomously by individual programmes or trading arms staff, either because of a need for wider consultation or disagreement, they should be taken to the Ops Group for decision.

Volunteers and members are also encouraged to propose and implement new ideas autonomously on the basis of our ‘advice principle’ and may look to other volunteers, members or staff for support in implementation if desired.

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