Our members are principally our volunteers and employees. Volunteers and employees become members in order to become more involved in the running and the direction of the Project.Anyone who is employed by the Project, or who volunteers regularly (after an initial period of four months) can apply to become a Member.

Benefits of membership

  • Active participation in the direction of the Project.

  • Invitation to, and voting rights, at General Meetings, to elect directors, to bring and discuss ideas and to vote on proposals related to the Project’s direction.

  • Eligible to run for a director’s role.

  • Free entry to our workshops, free BBP t-shirt or cap, and discounts on parts, shop services and courses.

  • Training and education on the workings of a cooperative. Eg. governance, facilitation, consensus decision making.

Responsibilities of members

  • To be aware of and uphold our purpose, values.

  • To understand and adhere to our Safer Space policy.

  • To be an advocate for the project and its mission.

  • Volunteer members are expected to volunteer a minimum of two sessions a month.*This may refer to a workshop or another session of volunteering, i.e. admin.

  • Members are expected to attend a minimum of 3 Members’ Meetings each year, with special importance given to attending the AGM. If members can’t attend, they are expected to send apologies and a proxy.*

  • Members will be asked once every 12 months to opt back into membership including re-signing the ‘Safer Space Policy’.

*We acknowledge that people's circumstances vary and we want to be flexible and inclusive - if you’re worried about meeting this expectation please be in touch.

Becoming a member

  • Membership is opt-in (offered to volunteers rather than automatic.) and is self-regulating, meaning that volunteers are entrusted to decide if they meet the criteria for membership.

  • Anyone wishing to become a member must fill out the online form which includes the name of two existing members willing to sponsor them.

  • Anyone wishing to become a member must sign up to the BBP’s ‘Safer Space Policy

  • Membership applications are approved in a two step process:

  • A relevant staff member will check the applicant meets the minimum set criteria and expectations. Applicants will be invited for a new member induction before final approval.

  • A list of new members will be brought periodically to the Directors Group for approval. (This is an approval of the process, not of the members as individuals.)

Ending membership

  • Anyone can resign membership at any time. Members can request removal if they are no longer active by e-mailing: [email protected]

  • In the rare case that a member's behaviour or conduct is problematic a Coordinator or the Directors’ Group might need to follow our disciplinary procedure.

  • There is an annual opt-in for all members where they re-commit to membership. If a member doesn’t opt in they will be contacted to see if they want to be removed from the membership list. If a reasonable effort has been made to make contact with the member and no response is received they will be removed from the list.

  • Membership can be easily reinstated if that person re-engages.

Members meetings

  • Standing items for General Meetings are minutes from previous meetings and matters arising. Additional standing items for the AGM are annual accounts, elections for retiring directors, Directors Group and Ops Group annual reports.

  • Members can raise additional issues for discussion at a GM or AGM which will be allocated time and slots depending first on urgency and level of interest, and then on a first come first served basis. If members are raising items for discussion, they should be prepared to lead those discussions at the meeting or delegate to an appropriate person. Where an idea or issue cannot be resolved at the GM, a working group or individual lead should be delegated as appropriate.

  • Any member can put themselves forward to chair a meeting and chairs will be elected at the start of each GM.

  • Minutes are sent to the membership and made publicly available on the Project’s gitbook.


  • If you are upset or concerned about something, please inform the Coordinator of your session. If this is inappropriate speak to the Project Coordinator by e-mailing: [email protected]

  • See our Volunteer Grievance Procedure under ‘Our Policies’ for details about how to raise a serious concern.

  • There will be a 6 monthly check-in with all members to gather feedback and see if anyone needs support to continue their membership.

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