Health & Safety

*Under review

In case of a fire

Activate the fire alarm and evacuate. Do not fight the fire unless you are trained to do so. Our Muster Point is the junction between City Road and Stokes Croft. Do not to return to building until you are given the all clear to do so by the e.g. building manager or fire brigade.

First aid kit

Should you happen to have an injury whilst in the workshop, please inform one of the workshop coordinators who will direct you towards the first aid kit. The kit is on the shelf to the right of the workshop computer. Also make a note of it in our accident book. In case of serious accident, the nearest A&E is the BRI on Marlborough Street.

Hazardous substances

Oils, and cleaning fluids may cause skin cracking after prolonged exposure. Gloves and aprons are available.

Hand tools

The tools are here to be used by all. However, if you are unfamiliar with any of the tools and the way in which they are used, you must ask for assistance. Misuse of these tools can result in possible injury and damage to the tools.

Slipping tools

Injury can easily occur when tools slip. Always make sure that tools are firmly in place before applying force. If a part that you wish to remove seems to be seized, ask the Workshop Coordinator before risking injury or damaging the tools.

Using the work stand

Injury can occur if bikes are not correctly and firmly placed in the work stand. If clamping by the frame, make sure frame has standard round tubing. If using the seat post, make sure the seat post clamp is tight. Make sure the stand clamp is as tight as you can make it.

Power tools

Electric drills, grinder, welder, etc, and blow torch MUST NOT be used without authorised supervision and proper personal protective equipment. Please ask the workshop coordinator if you need to use these.

Slips, trips and falls

Please ensure that walkways are kept free of obstructions (boxes, bike parts etc) at all times. Roller cabinet drawers must be closed after use. Please ensure that all spilt liquids are cleaned up immediately.

Wear appropriate footwear

Open sandals and flip-flops are not permitted in the workshop.

Manual Handling

There should be no need to lift heavy items in the workshop. Please lift items which are within your capability and always ask for help if you feel unsure whether you can lift something easily.

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