Ops Group

The Ops Group is responsible for the operational decision-making in the project, and is made up of representatives of the different areas of the project (OGRs). There are a maximum of 8 OGRs to allow for effective meetings and decision-making, therefore certain programmes and / or services share a representative. Representatives could be a current coordinator or volunteer, working in the community programmes or trading arm services or staff member in a supportive function.

Responsibilities of the OGRs

  • To attend monthly Ops Group meetings.

  • To represent the voice of BBP members and volunteers involved in the areas of the project they are representing requiring consultation with, and feedback to, those members and volunteers.

  • Leading or assisting on the implementation of operational decisions, such as around workshop improvements, general welfare and policies relating to members and volunteers.

Benefits of being an OGR

  • Greater involvement in the operational decision-making and processes of the Project.

  • Forging stronger links with volunteers and members in the area of the Project represented, and with other OGRs.

Becoming an OGR

  • Notice of OGR vacancies are sent to the staff, coordinators, members and volunteers of the relevant areas of the Project.

  • Any Member can put themselves forward for the role as long as they have the name of 1 other employee, member or volunteer willing to nominate them. If more than 1 person applies, the employees, members or volunteers from the relevant area of the Project will be asked to vote.

  • Every 6 months at the June and December Ops Group meeting, a minimum of one third of OGRs - those who are longest standing - will stand down, although they will be eligible for re-election.

Ops Group Meetings

  • Standing items are minutes from previous meeting and matters arising, and updates from each OGR on the areas of the Project they represent.

  • Members and volunteers can raise additional items for discussion via their OGR. Time and slots will be allocated by the governance coordinator depending first on urgency and level of interest, and then on a first come first served basis. Where an idea or issue cannot be resolved within the Ops Group, a working group or individual lead should be delegated as appropriate.

  • Any OGR can put themselves forward to chair a meeting and chairs will be elected at the start of each Ops Group meeting.

  • Minutes are sent to the membership and Directors Group and made publicly available publicly available on the Project’s gitbook.

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