Directors Group

The Directors Group shares overall legal and financial responsibility for the company, acts as a protector of our values and purpose, and brings valuable expertise and experience to support the overall smooth running of the Project.There are six directors, including a ‘finance’, ‘HR’ and ‘community’ director, at least 50% of whom must not be male. Directors are elected by and from the BBP membership, and any member (aged 16 years or more) can put themselves forward, but must know the organisation well enough.

Directors Group responsibilities

  • To attend monthly Directors Group meeting

  • Shared statutory duties, to:

  • Ensure the Project complies with its governing document, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulation

  • Uphold the mission and best interests of the Project

  • Ensure the financial stability of the Project

  • Collectively appoint paid roles

  • Other shared duties, to:

  • Be aware of member-created strategy and identify where decisions are being made in conflict with that strategy

  • Report to, and provide recommendations to, members

  • Bring business and other subject-area expertise to critiquing and ensuring good governance and the day-to-day operations and decisions of the Project

  • Stay abreast of Ops Group discussions and actions, and be available to provide advice and recommendations to the Ops Group

  • Finance: To lead on financial reporting, keeping track of accounts and best practice on finance

  • HR: To lead on staffing issues, including recruitment, grievances, and general staff policy

  • Community: To represent the interests and perspectives of our project user groups, ensuring their voice is heard in all our decision-making

Process for becoming a Director

  • Call for applications for the Directors Group are sent out to the membership.

  • Any member can apply to become a director. Applications are verified for eligibility by a nominations group before being sent to the full membership to be voted on at the AGM. Results are calculated using the STV system, taking account of our gender quota.

  • At the AGM, a minimum of one third of Directors - those who are longest standing - will stand down although they will be eligible for re-election.

Directors Group meetings

  • Standing items are minutes from previous meeting and matters arising, strategic update including review of GM minutes, financial update, operational update including review of Ops Group meeting minutes, legal and regulatory updates, risk monitoring.

  • Any Director can put themselves forward to chair a meeting and chairs will be elected at the start of each Directors Group meeting.

  • Minutes are sent to the Ops Group and made publicly available publicly available on the Project’s gitbook.

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